July Daze

Here we are. It’s the end of July, Reese and I are approaching birthdays #3 and #34, respectively, Sylvia’s approaching month #2, and Jeff’s probably approaching insanity with 3 girls on his hands (or is it pure bliss?). Either way, it’s probably time for me to update: July started with a wonderful visit from my parents and Casey and Shannon. It was the 4th of July weekend, so we stayed very busy. We watched the parade every day, we picnicked in town, and we even managed to pull off a fun party at the house on the 3rd. Reese loved seeing everyone and everyone loved seeing her and meeting Miss Sylvia!

I was even able to catch up with my buddies from high school. I met Ingi, Julie, Misa and Dana for a couple of hours on Friday night and then went to a fabulous lunch with Ingi the following Tuesday. It’s hard to catch up on 5 or so years of details in such a short time, but we sure tried!

Casey and Shannon had to take off on the 4th, but we’ll see them again in August! Look out Colorado, here come the Carrolls!!!

Once again, Mom came through with tons of imaginative playtime with Reese! I love that she doesn’t watch much, if any, TV, but I will admit that her active mind is certainly a challenge to keep up with – especially now that I have baby brain!

My parents even watched the girls one evening so that Jeff and I could go on a date! What did we do? We went on a trail run through Silver Run, followed by a picnic and ice cream at the Red Box Car – of course!

And, we did manage to have some nice family moments as well…still hard to believe that there are 4 of us.

In more current news, Sylvia has started smiling. They’re not often, but their certainly worth the wait! I got so lucky to capture one of the first ones on “film”. She’s still sleeping a lot, but the last couple of days I’ve been working on getting her into a more predictable schedule and it seems to be working pretty well for all of us. She’s also sleeping in her own room now, which is a little sad, but very necessary because Little Miss Grunts a lot has been keeping her parents awake while she sleeps!

Two weekends ago, the Harley Rodeo was in town. It’s a pretty fun event, but it’s certainly not for children. So, we packed up the car and headed to Billings for a really fun day with Matt and Heather Prinki and their sweet little girl, Maise. We started with a walk to the farmer’s market, where we all found some fun things to eat. Then we fueled up with some caffeine before heading back to their house for a yummy lunch and lots of chatting and playing. It was a really enjoyable afternoon and much needed relief from the noise of the Harleys. After that, we headed to a craft show at Rocky Mtn College. We didn’t find a whole lot, but we did buy some mead (wine made from honey) that we’ve really been enjoying…could be our new thing!

This last weekend, we invited the Fitzgeralds and Jes and Nick over for some grilled food and outdoor movie night (it ended up being a great excuse to get the house clean). It was a fantastic evening – Reese and Kate had an awesome time and the only mischief that we know of resulted in Reese having a huge glob of soap in her hair (with no plans of cleaning it out), so not bad for two young girls with minimal supervision ;-) . After the girls went to bed, we watched “Anchorman,” which will never cease to be funny!

On Sunday, we took Reese and Sylvee on a “hike” up the Lake Fork Trail. We had Reese walk, so we could only go as far as we were willing to carry her back, which was about 3/4 of a mile in, but we’re happy to report that she did indeed walk most of the way. It was beautiful and it felt great to get out. Reese is still learning to pick up her feet when she walks, so she tripped a few times and has the war wounds to show for it! She’ll figure it out because this family is going to be spending a lot of time in these beautiful Beartooths.

We really seem to be soaking up summer. Jeff is grilling every chance we have (even breakfast) and he’s making some incredible stuff – he’s even got people seeking out his recipes! Reese and I have been attending the toddler program at the Nature Center and we’ve been going to the park and play dates on a regular basis. And, last, but certainly not least, we’ve started our running efforts again – with the girls! It was definitely hard at first, but we’re both getting our legs under us. Gearing up for running is a whole new ballgame with kiddos in tow. Jeff even managed to get up the airport hill while pushing both girls in the Chariot!! It feels great to get moving and now we’ve got the RL fun run in our sites. We’re hoping to be ready for the 10K with the chariot by Labor Day weekend – yikes! Gotta squeeze it all in while the weather’s nice!

So, that’s it. It’s been a great month and we’re most definitely looking forward to August. Two birthdays, a trip to Boise for me and Sylvia and a trip to Denver for the whole family – we may even get to see the Deckers while we’re there!!! Stay tuned, you never know what crazy happenings are going to take place with the Carrolls. PS, I’m sure I’ve left things out, so click on any of the pictures to access the entire July album through Kodak.

Love, Ginny

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