Random Thoughts about Sylvia

Sylvia is a great baby. We’ve definitely lucked out with two “easy” babies! That being said, she’s definitely noticeably fussier than Reese was…so much grunting and squealing. Everyone is different, but a Mom can’t help but wonder.

When she was born, I had tested positive for the Strep B bacteria, so I had to have 2 high doses of antibiotics while I was in labor, prior to delivery. While this is overall a good thing and has the power to prevent a variety of very scary illnesses for newborns, I’m worried that the antibiotics also killed all the good bacteria that was supposed to be passed on to her during delivery. There is a fair amount of evidence that babies born via C-section don’t get the good bacteria from their mothers and it is suspected that the lack of this good bacteria is responsible for preventing things varying from athsma to digestion issues. It makes sense that a baby born in the presence of antibiotics might also be lacking this good bacteria.

According to an article I just read in “Parents” magazine, the bacteria in one’s digestive tract evolves until a baby starts to wean and eat solid food – after that point, you’ve got what you’ve got for the rest of your life. With that in mind, I’m thinking of starting Sylvia on some pro-biotics to help her make up for what she might not have gotten during delivery. The girls have their 2 month and 3 year doctor appointments on August 16th and I’m going to investigate it at that point. I chatted with our pharmacist about it today and he seemed to think I was on the right track.

The other thing I’ve started doing is giving her a multi-vitamin with Vitamin D. By and large, babies that are soley breastfed do not get enough Vitamin D. The three of us, myself, Jeff and Reese, have recently started taking a Vitamin D supplement because of vast amounts of research that has shown all sorts of health benefits, but I’m not sure that Sylvia’s seeing enough of it. As it’s really hard to overdose Vitamin D, I feel good about giving her a supplement as well.


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