Post Hiatus Update

Well, it’s been over two months! Fortunately, I’ve got a couple good excuses. First, we went on a fabulous vacation in Colorado. Second, school started for me, so I’ve added 20+ hours of busy-ness to an already full schedule. However, I find myself with about 2 seconds of unscheduled time today, so it’s time to do a quick update! We’ll do it by person (youngest to oldest) and hopefully it will be quick. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking…I’ve loaded both August and September photos onto Kodak, so Enjoy!

Growing like a weed, “talking”, just rolled over for the first time yesterday! I started the last post by saying that I thought she was fussier than Reese, but after having her alone for a few days in Idaho in August, I decided that it’s simply because I’m trying to keep up with both her an Reese that she seems fussier…everything’s relative – sorry for the false accusation Sylvee! That being said, I did go ahead with the probiotics. I decided that I’ll never know if it helped if I do it, but I might regret not doing it if she ended up with digestive issues later on.

3 YEARS OLD!!! Started preschool, is thriving in her 2nd year of dance, riding her bike like mad, enjoys spying on her parents after being put to bed and gave herself a haircut on Saturday! Reese goes between being the sweetest little thing we’ve ever met to making my blood boil – and she can accomplish both within a five minute span. She’s definitely forcing us to define our boundaries, which is harder than we thought it was going to be, but we’re learning. She’s doing exactly what 3 year olds are supposed to do – and, after a little help from our hair dresser, her new short hair looks super cute.

Finally feeling like I’m into a routine with 2 girls and a supposedly part-time job, hoping to figure out how to fit some yoga and other exercise into my routine and praying for a few good days of skiing this season! One thing that I’ve done recently that I’m super excited about is purchase another screen for my work computer – it’s amazing how much more efficient it’s made me, which is good because I was having a really hard time getting it all done for the first few weeks of school. Next on my “to do” list is to finish a coupld of Kodak Photo Books….I love how they turn out. Last, but not least, trying to be a more “fun” mom – finding songs to sing with Reese and actually planning some fun adventures that are geared toward the girls.

Another year older and Projects, projects, projects! I am so thankful that Jeffrey’s a handy guy – this would have been a much tougher month otherwise. In the last month we’ve had to repair almost everything with moving parts that we associate with…. We now have a new water filter, a rebuilt hot water heater, a new hard drive in the computer, a repaired dishwasher, a repaired oven, and more. We’re not through the list yet, but we’re definitely moving in the right direction – it’s so important to winterize around here! In his spare time, he’s headed over to Cody for some indoor hockey and always enjoys some good rough housing with his girls. Last, but not least, he’s orchestrating getting ready for winter at the mountain – selling season passes, hiring employees, etc.

This is a great time of year – a hint of winter in the air and loads of anticipation. Hopefully his next project involves managing my iPod – I really want to use it more, but never have time to update it!

Short and sweet! Enjoy the pics – my mom is here for several days, I’m off to enjoy my precious time with her.

~ Ginny

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