Okay, it’s been a month. And in that time, we had a fantastic visit with my Mom, we welcomed a new baby into our circle of friends, our daughters turned into a witch and a monkey in order to beg for candy, Sylvia’s first tooth appeared, and Jeff cleaned out the garage such that I can park in it just in time for the first big SNOW storm!!!

Looking ahead…this weekend will be very exciting – details later. Monday will be filled with anxious anticipation for the arrival of Ana, Grandad and NOAH (who hasn’t been to MT since our wedding when he was 2…now 13). Thanksgiving promises a gluten free pumpkin pie in addition to all sorts of other indulgences. Friday will bring the first day of the new ski season – and Saturday we’ll say goodbye to our guests and the girls and I will spend our first Saturday without Jeff for the season. Monday will be his first Monday off for the season – his chance to accompany Reese to dance class & a dentist appointment (assuming he doesn’t cancel). So there you have it…our lives in a seriously small nutshell.

Rather than dwell on the daily details, I thought I’d post some of the things that have made us laugh regarding the girls lately:

After hanging up with Jeff, Reese asked, “Who was that?”
“Who do you think it was,” I replied.
“Was it the handsome man you’re married to?”

I recently got frustrated…not sure what it was about, but I do remember Reese telling me to “Deal about it.” This has since become a favorite saying of ours.

Apparently Reese announced to her dance class that Santa will be bringing her a real live puppy for Christmas – ummmmm….not even sure what to say about that one!

Sylvia can’t talk, so you’ll have to laugh at pictures…

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! ~ Ginny

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