Thanksgiving Recap

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Jeff’s parents and our nephew Noah!

A few highlights include:

Quality time as a family.

The Girls

Cousin Noah reading to Sylvee

Grandad and Sylvee

Bowling and Pizza Co with the Fitzgeralds. Sylvia tried her first solid food – a lemon!

Yummy Lemons

A Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner with much to be thankful for. Char and Noah even had winning lottery scratch tickets…

Beautiful Table

Skiing with Noah and Grandad for openning day at Red Lodge Mountain.

Grandad and Noah on Miami Beach

The family that skis together...

And, my favorite quote from Noah, “People are so nice here…I can see why someone would want to live here.” And that was said when it was about -15 degrees! Yeah, it’s a pretty great place to live and it really is all about the people – good observation Noah!

Pictures really do say more than words. Please click here to view the entire November Photo Gallery on Kodak. We had a great time and are already looking forward to seeing Char and Bob and hopefully All the Deckers again soon.

Love, Ginny

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