Christmas / New Year’s Recap

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Grandma and Grandpa arrived just in time for potato hot dogs and Christmas Eve Mass…They paved the way for Santa and boy o boy did the big guy arrive at our house!

Unfortunately, a few days after Christmas, the temperature dropped drastically. Dad and I skied with Jeff one afternoon and Mom, Dad, Reese and I made a few runs on another day, but beyond that, it was too cold to venture outside too much between Christmas and New Years.

As previously mentioned, New Year’s Eve involved our traditional fondue and it was delicious. We also enjoyed an entertaining game of Candyland before Reese went to bed at the NY Midnight and then a few games of Banana Grams – possibly a new addiction! Jeff and I were the only ones who actually welcomed 2011 awake, but we had a glass of champagne for everyone.

The above gallery is a quick review of the week in pictures. Click here to access the December Kodak Gallery. Click here to access the January Kodak Gallery.

Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful visit ~ We already miss you!

Love, Ginny

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