Dual Baptism

On January 2nd, Sylvia Grace Carroll was baptized along with little Nolan John Fitzgerald. Annie and John graciously accepted the role and responsibility of becoming Sylvia’s God Parents and I, along with Annie’s brother Sean, have the honor of being Nolan’s God Parents.

Annie and John have been so wonderful to our family. We have no doubt that they love both of our girls and will be amazing role models and God Parents to our Sweet Sylvee. Thank you Fitzgeralds!

Sylvia and Nolan Baptism

Jeff and Fr. Keene Baptizing Sylvee

Drying all that hair

Next up is Baby Nolan


The whole event still gives me shivers when I think about the entire parish watching our babies receive their first Sacrament. Shortly after Mass, a family who is looking at moving to the area asked Jeff and I what we liked about Red Lodge. I wish I could have been more articulate for them, but really, the fact that we could literally feel the excitement of everyone on our family’s behalf as they looked on at the Baptism is the epitomy of what we love about this community. It was so, so touching. On a side note, I wish I would have told them that this community is unique in the fact that it embraces the most needy members among us, whether they’re small children or adults who are sick or disabled, in a way that they become the glue that holds us together and thus, the most important – It’s really a beautiful thing! I am so thankful to have not only been married at St. Agnes, but to have both my Daughters and my new God Son baptized at this special place.

After the Baptism, both families hosted a nice event downstairs in the Church. The food was delicious and plentiful, but the highlight was the cake that Gina Bruner made to welcome our little sheep to the St. Agnes flock!

The Cake

Time to Celebrate!

Parents and God Parents

Well after the Baptism and a short nap for everyone, we all went out to Rick and Carrie’s for some crazy fun sledding! Much to our surprise, we didn’t even have to hike back up the hill because Rick hauled us up in the quad. We’ll head back to that sledding hill for sure!

Grandma, Reese and Grandpa on the big sled

Reese was soooo happy

Grandpa and Reese and Ginny at take-off - Prior to a face full of Sugary Snow

Sylvia came outside too

And, just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better, Mom and Dad treated us to dinner at the Steak House! What a great day!

Reese and Grandma at Dinner on our last night

Stay tuned for some fun videos!!! ~ Ginny

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One Response to Dual Baptism

  1. Nicole says:

    What a special day for your family! Your girls looked beautiful.

    What you wrote about Red Lodge being such a special place to be — you couldn’t be more right. I feel so blessed to have found my way back here. I hope our kids feel the same way we do someday!

    I love seeing the pictures of your folks too. Your mom is one of my favorite faces to remember as a kid growing up in Red Lodge. Please pass along my ‘hello’ when you speak to her next!

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