Letting Go of the Tethers…Sort of

Yikes! January’s gone, but it was a good month for the Carroll Family. One of the most exciting happenings is the fact that Reese had her first day of skiing completely untethered! She was in a terrible mood most of the time we were skiing, but physically, she was totally getting it. Here’s a sample video:  

The truth is that I couldn’t simply let her go for fear that she’d get out of control or not pay attention to where she was going and end up in the trees. In my previous life as a ski instructor, I would not have thought twice about turning around and either skiing forward in front of her or skiing next to her, but because she’s my daughter, I skied backwards and told her to slow down or stop every two seconds. In fact, on the way home I told her that I was really proud of her for doing such a great job skiing and she got upset and said, “Mommy, I wasn’t skiing, I was stopping.” She has a point.  

So, I did let go of the tethers, but I’m wondering how in the world I’ll ever be able to give her full control. At this rate, I’m going to need to get much, much better at skiing backwards so that I can stay ahead of her in her racing career!  

And, believe it or not, we’re letting go of the tethers with Sylvee a little bit too ~ sigh. Sylvia had her very first day of daycare at the beginning of February. I cannot express how blessed we feel that we’ve never had to leave either of the girls in a situation that we weren’t completely comfortable with. Sylvia is now joining Reese on Tuesdays at Annie’s (her Godmother ~ can’t beat that). It’s only one day a week, but I am amazed at how much I was able to accomplish in that one day. I miss that little monkey when she’s not around, but I know we’ll both be better off spending a little time apart.  

Knowing that Sylvia is hanging out with her Big Sis is fantastic. Sylvia and I spent a few days in Boise last week and upon our return, Sylvee was so happy to see Reese that we thought she might spontaneously combust. That girl LOVES her big sister!  

Sylvee G so happy to see Reese (and Daddy)


And on a final note of letting go…I had grand plans to do Valentine Cards, but January ended up being much busier than I’d imagined. When we did have a few minutes to get some good photos, the weather was terrible or I didn’t have the camera – it just didn’t happen and it’s too late to pull it all off now. So, I’m letting it go. I will still try to get a photo card out to all our Christmas peeps in the near future, but I’ve decided to let this one little thing stop taking up so much room in my mental list of priorities. And, that’s how I let go – sort of! In the meantime, Happy Valentine’s Day, we love you all!! Click the heart to see the full gallery of January photos.  


~ Ginny

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! Loved the photos, especially of the girls, but what a cute fox and the frosted trees are gorgeous!
    XXXOO Mom & Dad

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