What’s in a Name?

Prior to Reese’s birth, we pondered and pondered and pondered some more about what to name this new little person. In the vast majority of cases, a person will keep at least their first and middle names for their entire lives, so it better be something good!

Although there are a lot of great names out there, Theresa Marie has a lot of meaning for us. Theresa was the middle name of my Mom’s Mom and Marie is the middle name of my Dad’s Mom – as well as many other women on that side of the family. While we love both names, we did want to call her something unique, which is where “Reese” comes in. The first time we thought of shortening Theresa to Reese, we fell in love with it and it’s stuck!

Well, now that pretty little name has some new significance and we suspect it has more to do with the pretty little girl who goes by the name, than the name itself. None-the-less, “Reese” was our little Sylvia’s very first word, said quite clearly on March 8th and many times since.

Reese’s first word was “Dog” and she has since shown an undying love for a certain “Pup” and a fondness for most four legged friends. My hope is that little Sylvee follows the pattern and maintains an undying love for her first object of affection – her big sister!

She actually struggles a little bit with the “R” sound, so it’s a bit more like “Eese” than “Reese”, but that’s okay…we work with what we have, which brings me to the next fun fact about “Reese”.

Reese is getting very good with letters, but she struggles a bit with writing the letter “S”. As such, she announced that we should leave the “S” out of her name until she can perfect this squiggle. When asked what we should call her, she quickly replied, “Ree”. So, until further notice, we’ll refer to the girls as Ree or Eese and Sylvee!

Ree-Eese and Sylvee

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