Getting Out There!

One of my aspirations for our family is to Get Out There! To be the people who explore our surroundings, challenge our bodies and spend time with other people – even when it’s not “convenient”. It’s important to me that we not let life pass us by while we wait for the right time to do things. Fortunately, I married a guy with a similar perspective and both of our extended families are certainly known for getting out there, so I’m in good company and feel confident that this is a value we’ll be able to pass on to the girls.

A few recent examples of our attempts to get out there include:

On Valentine’s Weekend, the four of us packed up the CR-V and headed to Bozeman for some swimming and nordic skiing. Was it crazy getting a 3 year old and an 8 month old in and out of pools, to a late dinner and through 10K of nordic trails, Absolutely! But it was sooo worth it. The defining moment for me came on the way home. Jeff was in the back seat, between the two girls, feeding Sylvia while I drove. We didn’t have time to stop and feed her because I had to be home in time to teach Algebra (we made it with about 3 minutes to spare). When I looked in the rear view mirror at my 3 favorite people, I couldn’t help but grin ear to ear because it was clear that we were living life – every messy second of it!

Dad and Roo

Well Mom...

The Man...Making it look easy

Shortly following our Bozeman adventure, Sylvia and I flew out to Boise for another work trip. This may not seem like a big deal in and of itself, but Sylvia managed to hang tough through 2 flights each direction, 2 days of conferences with her momma, and 3 late nights – including one in which her mother got violently ill. We arrived home on Friday evening and managed to make it up to the mountain on Saturday with Reese and Jeff’s parents so that we could all watch the Winter Carnival Cardboard Classic. Yeah, we got out there!

Happy Girl in DIA

Winter Carnival Rookies

While Sylvia and I were in Idaho, Char and Bob helped Jeffrey take care of Reese. Prior to heading our way, they made a last minute trip to Pennsylvania to help Ola, Char’s Mom, recover from a minor stroke. As it didn’t work for them to fly to Montana after their detour, they decided to make the day long drive. Thanks Char and Bob for working so hard to help us out and I’m so sorry that you had to take care of a sick girl! You’re great examples of “Getting Out There!”

Last, but not least, I’m very much looking forward to about 10 days of being away from home with the girls. I’m tackling my personal challenge (which has been done before, many times, by mom’s all over the world, but I’m still a rookie) of flying with both girls to San Francisco. While we’re there, we’ll be visiting Cyndi and Todd, exploring the area and Cyndi and I will be running a half marathon. I think that qualifies for getting out there!

Instead of heading all the way home, we’re going to stop in Colorado. Jeff will meet us there, but he’ll head up to Aspen for a meeting while the girls and I stay to visit family. I’m so grateful that I have a job that lets me work from just about everywhere and friends and family that live in such cool places!

Click Here for the Album of February Photos. Way more good shots than I can include in the blog!


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