Skiing…It’s what we do.

Sorry Sylvee...this is what we do!

So, if “Getting Out There” is one of our aspirations, Jeffrey has certainly set us up for success with his chosen career. Skiing…it’s just what we do and if you don’t do it, we’ll try to convert you!

Converting Kate!

Ummm Dad...I don't think I want to play basketball!

While this season wasn’t the best at Red Lodge Mountain snow-wise, it’s been a good one for the sales / marketing department and it’s finishing up quite nicely with some regular helpings of the white stuff. Jeff continues to impress me with his marketing skills – both knowing what to do and knowing how to present information. If you don’t get the Red Lodge Mountain newsletter, you should definitely subscribe (Click Here). Jeff takes great pride in writing it and reading it is usually a literary highlight of my week (let’s just say that CarrollDaze would be a lot more interesting and funny if Jeff was the editor instead of the tech guy). He’s also the one who does RLMR’s FaceBook updates, so please take the time to “Like” Red Lodge Mountain Resort. His antics are worth it!

Here are some photos from the end of our season and a great video of Jeff and Reese skiing. Tomorrow will be the last day on the mountain for myself and Reese. Look out next season…Sylvia’s gonna start shreddin’! Click Here for the full March Album.

We "Own" Miami Beach these days!

Miss Independence

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  1. Mom & Dad says:

    Once again you’ve done an incredible job. Thanks for these beautiful postings!
    Love you.

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