They Who Bring the Snow…

They might come back!

So, for two years now, Cyndi and Todd have made Red Lodge their ski vacation destination and for two years now, their arrival has been accompanied by much needed quantities of snow. It’s still up in the air as to whether they actually bring the snow or God simply wants them to become awesome powder skiers. Either way, we’re extremely glad to have them visit!

We had a great time together! They got a kid / baby / mean cat fix. We all got a few awesome days on Red Lodge Mountain – Jeff and I even got an afternoon together (Thank You). Cyndi suffered through my latest visitor torture – nordic skiing – and, unless she was lying, I think she really enjoyed it. We shared some nice meals and great conversation and Cyndi and I commiserated over our upcoming half marathon! And last, but certainly not least, the Wheelers took some of the best pictures we have to date of the girls AND the cat!

We’ll look forward to the snowstorm on their next visit. As of right now, they’re in negotiations with major ski areas to bring snow…it could be their new gig!

Here are the highlights:

Old Friends

Ginny's latest torture for up ice climbing..Nice Work Cyndi

Phew! The girls must be eating rocks!

Best Comet Series EVER

Slightly Annoyed

A little Pissed

If I weren't a house cat, I'd eat you..

Favorite Picture of Sylvia!

Sure I'd love to share Cyndi's iPad with my Sister

Kiss Kiss

Reesi Roo

Being Silly with Her Godmother

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